ZiRong’s Essay: “Hosting major sporting events creates more problems than benefits.” Do you agree? (2005)

Thesis statement:

I agree that hosting major sporting events creates more problems than benefits as the problems generated outweigh the benefits from hosting these events.

Argument 1:

One of the problems that host countries encounter after hosting a major sporting event is the stadiums and facilities left unused after the sporting events have ended. Countries spent millions of money to build stadiums infrastructure needed for major sporting events like the Olympics to have these stadiums and infrastructure left mostly empty or under-utilised after the Olympics ended. These Olympic venues fall into disrepair, covered with graffiti and weeds, abandoned. The 2004 Summer Games in Athens is a good example of building facilities needed for the Olympics to have them abandoned with no use. The cost of building the facilities was 4.5 billion Euros, which is an estimated amount of 6.7 billion Singapore Dollars, and an equivalent to 6.7 billion Singapore Dollars lost and wasted. This shows how unprofitable it is to host such major sporting events.

Argument 2:

Hosting major sporting events can also create negative publicity for a country. Once a country is chosen to host a major sporting event, all attention will be focused on them and negative aspects of the country, the process of preparing for the event will be scrutinised, as seen in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. With the Commonwealth Games looming around the corner, venues were incomplete, the theme song for the Games was incomplete, and the transportation, catering, cleaning, sanitation and hygiene of the Games Village were a concern. All of these portray Delhi in a bad light, showing their inability with managing such a major event as well as the poor state of the city, which will in turn cause tourists to turn away from going to Delhi. Such risks of being portrayed negatively in a problem for the countries hosting major sporting events.

Counter-argument 1:

However, hosting a major sporting event does not entail disadvantages only. An advantage of hosting major sporting events is the economic benefits. Major sporting events allow host countries to make new investments and increase development of different sectors within the country. As can be seen in Brazil, the 2014 World Cup allowed Brazil to invest in other sectors such as transport to allow its economy to grow. Expanded airports and improved transport systems are just some of the improvements that was achieved due to the opportunities created when preparing for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Therefore, hosting major sporting events do allow host countries and cities to benefit.

ZiRong’s Essay: “Hosting major sporting events creates more problems than benefits.” Do you agree? (2005)

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