Sridha’s Essay: “Modern Technology Owes Ecology an Apology”. To what extent is modern technology responsible for our environmental problems?

I agree to a large extent that technology is responsible for our environmental problems. In our everyday lives, we encounter new types of technology that have been innovated to enhance our lives. But we have to realise that the same technology which makes our life easy, also compromises the state of our environment in many ways.

Paragraph 1:
The nuclear sector has experienced rapid growth over the past few decades. Billions of dollars have been invested to pursue research regarding nuclear energy and potential ways to extract energy. The new inventions that have surfaced in this industry have added on to the world’s supply of clean energy. But however, the nuclear industry poses as a hazard as well. Every process has its output and similarly, the cultivation of nuclear energy also has its own waste products which should be disposed in a proper way. But however, the firms which aid the cultivation of nuclear energy on behalf of the government fail to practice safe methods of disposal. As a result of the harmful seeds the firms sow, the inhabitants of earth have to reap the fruits sown by facing the consequences and negative effects. Numerous firms dispose their wastes by burying them underground. Research has shown that burying chemical wastes underground can pave the way for man-made earthquakes. When chemically polluted waste products are injected underground, the underground pore pressure increases, hence weakening nearby faults. If the pressure hits the limit, the tectonic stress will be released in the form of an earthquake. As we can see, the popular belief that earthquakes are only caused by geographic reasons has been proven false. We humans are capable of causing distress to our own mankind through our own actions.

 Paragraph 2:
Technology has permitted many firms to expand their factors of production. Factories are built in huge numbers to satisfy the increasing needs of the human race. These factories are equipped with much technological advancements which enhance the efficiency of production methods. But however, there is a negative side to this factor again. The machineries operated in the factories release toxic gases and this adds on to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect propels the earth closer towards global warming by raising the planet’s temperature. Although we humans reap the fruits of the technological booms, we also have to remember that at the end of the day, we are at the receiving end of the negative impacts as well. But many a time, the advantages of technological advancements inhibit our potential of weighing the pros and cons in such a way that we tend to be oblivious to the disadvantages. This is what has been preventing us from realizing the dire consequences we may have to face if we do not decrease the detrimental effects of technology on ecology.

Counter – Argument:
Although technology has had some major negative impacts on the environment, it also has its own ways of slowing down earth’s journey to doom. Several firms have been investing money for the research on ‘greener technology’. Green technology refers to technology that reduces harmful emissions and functions in an advantageous way to the environment. Many innovations have been targeted at decreasing the negative impacts in the environment. They serve the same purposes as normal technology but the only difference is that they do not compromise the importance on ecology. Some examples include the hybrid cars designed by Toyota to reduce fume exhausts which in turn, will decrease pollution. Besides, other sources of energy are being used to generate energy for earth and they have minimal damage on the environment. This shows that although technology has its own negative impacts, it also helps us to fight the battle of rising global temperature. But however, we have to compare the extent to which technology helps safeguard the environment.

Sridha’s Essay: “Modern Technology Owes Ecology an Apology”. To what extent is modern technology responsible for our environmental problems?

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