Raudhah’s Essay – ‘Sports is ultimately about the desire to win at all cost’. Discuss.

Thesis Statement: Sports is ultimately about the desire to win at all cost

Content Paragraphs:

Athletes play sports because of their passion and love for the sport. They train hard for months, for years even, so as to perform well for the upcoming competition. The trainings are physically and mentally tough, but what keeps them going is their motivation. Their motivation to win. Speed skater Dan Jansen is an example of an athlete that persevered through it all, including his sister’s death. He continued with the game that very afternoon of his sister’s death and finally attained his gold medal 10 years after his debut, the medal that he has been longing for. This goes to show that with all the sacrifices made by the athletes, they feel that all the more important for them to win to make the sacrifices worth it. Thus, they desire to win at all cost.

However, there are athletes that participated for the experience. Swimmer Eric Moussambani from Equitorial Guinea gained entry to the 2000 Summer Olympic Games with no elaborate training facilities back home, but he competed in the qualifying race. He lost miserably but fans all around the world were in awe at his perseverance. Athletes like Eric, value the journey taken to get to the very sport or position they are in. They take the mistakes and experience as a lesson learnt and improve themselves.

In spite of that, some athletes just have a very strong desire to win. Take Lance Armstrong as an example. He is regarded as the top cyclist and he is known worldwide. His desire to perform better and win the race led him into doing doping. He wanted to have a more enhance performance that can make it easier for him to win the race. He does it despite knowing that is a violation of the rules. Many other athletes had also resorted to this act. This shows that they are willing to take the risk at a chance of winning the competition. This shows that they have a strong desire to win at all cost.

Raudhah’s Essay – ‘Sports is ultimately about the desire to win at all cost’. Discuss.

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