Jing Wen’s Essay

“Sport is ultimately about the desire to win at all costs’ Discuss.

Having the desire to win when you play a sport is essential to do well, but having to win at all costs is not necessary.

Having the desire to win would push the athlete both physically and mentally to achieve the results he wants. Muhammad Ali once said, “ I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”. The process is tough, but it is the individual’s resilience and determination to win that gets him through it. Without it, he would ultimately give up without achieving anything. With it, it would motivate him to do even better and pushing himself to the limits, and the results would come naturally. Take professional tennis player Venus Williams for example; she had last achieved a grand slam title 5 years ago but she did not give up trying despite being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition. It may prevent her from achieving anything in the future, but she is determined to do better and gives her all in doing so. Another example would be professional surfer Bethany Hamilton. She lost her arm to a shark when she was 13 but became victorious in professional surfing, and it all owed to her perseverance that enabled her to do so. The desire to win plays a huge part in sports as it motivates and encourages the athlete to work hard and do well.

Perseverance is one thing; having the confidence and courage to actually improve and do better is another. Having the desire to win drives an athlete to step out of his comfort zone to try new things and improve. An athlete needs to constantly work hard and improve in order to surpass others and win. Every single minute that you are not working hard, there would be someone else out that would be. Through hard work, many would use the desire to win to constantly learn and improve, and ultimately enable them to reach their full potential. Take Michael Jordon for example; he was not good at the start and was not capable enough to enter the school team. But he did not give up and constantly worked hard to improve and eventually got into the school team the next chance he got. Ultimately, his desire to win and do better led him to the play in the National Basketball Association and become one of the best players in history. It was due to his desire to win that enables him to improve and do better.

The desire to win is essential is sports, but having to win at all costs proves an obsession with extrinsic rewards as the athlete would do anything to achieve them. Winning becomes the priority of playing sports, clouding the rewards that sports truly offers, which are life skills and personal development. As said in the previous paragraphs, sport teaches individuals about hard work, perseverance and courage, and it is not limited to these three. However, if one is too obsessed with winning, he could never see the benefits that sports gives. The desire to win would be so strong that it leads to individuals looking at alternative methods instead of his own ability, such as underhand methods like playing unfairly and taking drugs. The desire to win a very powerful element in sports; it is both healthy and unhealthy. What is most important is to use it wisely and not let the unhealthy aspect affect you.

Jing Wen’s Essay

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