Nicole’s Essay – “Discuss the importance of competitive sport in the modern world”

Intro: Going on the basis that competitive sport refers to any sport in which a contest can be held between individuals or groups for awards or recognition, competitive sport is significant in the modern world. It plays a major role in 3 aspects: organizations, society as a whole, and individuals.

Competitive sports are able to be of different usage to companies. One of them would be as a source of income. There are numerous ways in which an organization is able to benefit financially from competitive sports. The most common method would be for the company to own either a team or several teams. For example, the National Football League (NFL) which is the top American Football league in the US reaps a hefty profit of €66bn in 2014. Over the past 3 decades, they had a total of 32 teams which have taken part in the Super Bowl. Another way would be to ensure that the team that any organization own, has a large and loyal fan base, in which the fans would then purchase any merchandise sporting the team’s name or logo. Other than means of financial gains, competitive sports are also able help organizations put across their intended message, like LiveStrong, which is led by cycling icon Lance Armstrong, or the Jimmy V Foundation. Through sports, these organizations have raised increasing amounts of funds for causes such as the development of cancer research. Hence, with a part to play in monetary aspects, as well as an alternative way to promote the message of a company, competitive sports have a substantial role in the business component of the modern world.

Not only are sports used as a source of entertainment, it also has the ability to unite people as sports are able to transcend all social, political and ethnic barriers. Almost every sport that exists involves interaction with other people, whether they are on your side or opponents. They are able to serve as a platform for meeting new people and fostering friendships as people of similar interests come together to achieve a common goal. With these benefits, sports were used as an intervention in international peace-building activities. Organized sport efforts in the Middle East have provided youth with positive and constructive experiences, creating peaceful and productive relations with neighbors. Thus sports are able to act as a mediator in society as well as globally, making it of great value.

Regardless of whether you are a participant or are just a spectator, competitive sports are able to instill values in us as well as inculcate habits that can be of great advantage. Apart from improving physical health, sports are able to teach us morality, integrity and ambition. It is even of greater importance now that our society is of one that takes things for granted and ill-natured. In Singapore, most Singaporeans rank academic or career success above sporting prowess, hence we commend those sporting representatives who have pursued their passions and proven that success in Singapore is not premised solely upon school-based endeavors. Singaporean athletes who compete in international meets are able to galvanize younger, aspiring athletes as role models for emulation. Last but not least, sports bring us hope. Looking at our personal favorite athlete will give us a sense of hope as we know that no matter the obstacles or difficulties we face in life, we are able to conquer them. Therefore, competitive sports are of importance as they are able to inculcate certain values in us as well as act as a beacon of hope to many in the modern world.

Nicole’s Essay – “Discuss the importance of competitive sport in the modern world”

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